Monday, September 6, 2010

end of summer

the end of summer is my favorite time of year. the time of year that gives us Halloween! halloween, my birthday, thanks giving and then of course winter time!! eeek! i love this time of year!

of course im starting early.. its no secret, im a halloween nut and cant really help myself :) so for sake of driving myself insane trying to wait until the PC time to set up decorations.. i am just setting them up as i make them. this year i made my first halloween tree. cost me about $8 [for moss and pot] had some black spray paint and the branches from my birch tree.

i cant wait until i can throw in some white pumpkins and spider webs. its going to be beautiful

getting some air

lets jump!


its huge and takes up most of the yard LOL

but we love it! the whole family does! we are so blessed to have friends and family to help us win it for cookie. thank you again!