Tuesday, March 23, 2010

packs a punch

So i just invented what i call "power pasta".. it packs a punch with calories! Its going to make a lot of CF babies very very chunky!

let me start you out..

2 Lbs dry pasta (i use penne noodles)
2 C veggy oil

[ using a large pot, add your 2 Lbs of dry pasta, 2 C of veggy oil, then add enough water to boil the noodles. boil until noodles break apart with a fork. strain and let cool]

1 can crisco
1 jar baby pureed beef [or whatever flavor your child prefers (fruits, veggy, whatever)]
1 Qrt heavy whipping cream

[ After the noodles have cooled you need to puree them... we use a food proccessor but you can use a blender just the same. Add in noodles, slowly start adding water, then blend, add more water until you get the consitancy you/your child prefers (cookie eats her pasta thick) once the pasta is blended up i use ice cube trays to fill and put in the freezer. each cube is about 1oz of food. once frozen pop the cubes out of the tray and into a freezer bag and store in the freezer]

now come the time to feed baby.. get out a bowl, fill with 5 frozen cubes of puree pasta, in our microwave i put it in for 33 seconds (yours may vary) once its done, using a spoon break up the cubes left solid, add a spoonful of puree beef (of whatever you choose for flavor) then, 1 Tbsp of crisco and 1 Tbsp of heavy whipping cream. put back in microwave for 12 seconds. stir and serve.

it packs quite the punch of calories!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paddy's Day

happy St. Patrick's Day! Wear green and shamrocks and all that.. i took the above picture in my garden. Very fitting for the day i believe. As for the below picture.. this is a before and after. a picture spaced 365 days apart. This day last year cookie was recovering from surgery and had yet to come home since birth.. Her *Aunty* Jenn got her this onesie. As you can se its a bit big and only a 0-3 month size.. 1 year later Cookie is sporting the same onesie only much tighter. Look how much shes grown and changed.. she even poses for the camera now LOL

first steps

We have for you a video of our sweet baby cookie taking her first unasisted steps! Please take a minute to watch the whole thing. You will see how truely amazing she is :)


spring has sprung

Its a GORGEOUS day out.. today is one of the first days where its hot enough to have a naked baby! We went to target and picked up a $10 bubble blower. This thing is great! We had a lot of fun playing out back.

1 year

Cookie turned 1 year old today! She is an entire year old. 365. Ugh the time goes by way too fast....

We had plans to have everyone over at my moms house for a nice mid-day garden party on saturday [feb 27th] and the whole week before predicted rain just on that day.. i was hoping the storm... or the weatherman.. would be off by a day.. no such luck.

Rain hit saturday morning and people started saying they wouldnt be able to make it (road closures and hard rain) so we had a small party at our house. Joining us was, my mom & Don, grandma Shanks, Tim & his GF Gi, my BFF Jenn and of course the birthday girl.

Ordered up some pizzaa, got some cupcakes and had some gifts. We had a great time.

Now sunday rolls around and its perfectly gorgeous outside, bright sun and no clouds, 75 degrees. We get the day rolling and get the party set up for outdoors. Those joining us were: Great Grandma Zeller, Great uncle george & Pam, Grandma Hughes and & Don [of course it was their house] BFF Jenn, and her mom Lisa, Judy, and Chuck dropped by for a bit.. we had a lot of good friends and family.

Cookie had a fun time eating her smash cake, we had a lot of fun watching her :)

She also got a lot of wonderful gifts! a potty chair, a fairy statue, a talk and play game, a cabbage patch doll, a ballerina doll, a fabulous dress, book ends, lots of books, a ball pit and big purple flops bunny pillow.

All in all we had a wonderful birthday weekend! We couldnt be happier.
Happy 1st birthday my sweet baby girl!

will you be mine?

It had been raining off and on all week.. cookie and i went to the store and picked up a few craft items so we could make valentines together. I made a big one for daddy and she made a little one. Shes such a sweetheart. Had a lovely dinner and of course desert, drinks and a movie after baby went to bed.

bit of a hiatus

but im back now.. :) lets fill ya in on what youve missed!

lots of things have gone down since i updated last. i would like to touch on some of the more interesting and exciting points: first birthday, first steps, dr. apt's, and teeth.

maybe i should just do this thing up right and in orders. what do you think ?