Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy turkey day!

We had a fabulous day! Lunch started at 1pm. We had turkey, ham, and goose with green beans, stuffing and mashed potatoes!

Lots a friends and family were there to help us celebrate and give thanks. Ihope yall had a great day too! Were in for a busy next few weeks until christmas comes.

Gobble till you wobble!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

my BIG girl

cookie had her 9mo apt today (she goes monthly) so today was 3 days before her 9mo birthday... she got her hep B shot and her first RSV vax. she will get that vax monthly for the next 5 months. so anyways ....the reason im posting is because cookie managed to go from the 10th% (which shes been in nearly all her life) to the freaking 25th!!! can you belive it?! she was projected to be 16.4lbs today (if she were to stay at her typical 10th%) but today she was 17.3lbs!!! ive got a semi fat baby!!! im effing excited for sure!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

tough cookie

We all know she is... and now she has a shirt to prove it! One of my fellow march mommaa found this and sent it our way as a gift for cookie!
Thank you Emily!!
i love this onesie so much! it came in 12-18mo size so she will have plenty of time to spend in it too...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

cooKie g0ne craZy

Ive never seen her do this before. It had me ROFL for sure! Check it out :D

pepper + kitty

Our middle kitty, Pepper, had a trip to the vet today. She was seen a year and 1/2 ago for grand mal seizures. She was put on medication and were told to stop the medication after her pills ran out to see if she would seize again. If she did they would confirm "grand mal seizure disorder". So we took her off after 2 months. She was seizure free for over a year.

A few weeks ago she had the biggest, longest, most violent seizure we have witnessed. It lasted about 1-2 minutes. We decided that if she had another that she would go to the vet. She had another one a few night ago. We called the vet the next day and we got her in to be seen this morning.

She will be back on her medication "from here on out". Please keep her in your thoughts. She needs all the love and good health she can get.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

around the corner

With Christmas just around the corner i decided to make my first ever tutu! I made this one thinking it would make for some super cute holiday photos.

thought maybe i would get her a cute green onesies to wear with it.

What do you think? i LOVE it! It was so easy to make i was really shocked. If you can cut and tie a know then you can make one :D

hippies & chicken nuggets

So cookie was showing off her tie-dye threads today! I believe thats a 'thumbs up' i see ;)

Shes got her polka dot baby legs on and shes nice and cozy warm!

We had our morning round of solids. I notice she eats more if im eating breakfast at the same time. Maybe she thinks shes eating what im eating? So anyways... i had some chicken nuggets for breakfast.. yea i know.. but hey, they were good! so whatever!

So im eating my nuggets and i know she totally wants one.. so i gave her one. A T-rex nugget to be exact. She love it. A little too much hahah

Monday, November 9, 2009

ventura # harbor

So we spent the day at Ventura Harbor today! It was a gorgeous day. Nice clean air, mid 70's with just the perfect amount of clouds. Took some beautiful pictures with my new camera, tripod and remote! *If you couldnt tell from the picture*

It was nice to get out. I spent most of my birthday indoors here at home and then had dinner at my moms house. She cooked shepherds pie! Very delish!

So after a nice birthday at home, we decided to get out. i got some pretty awsome shots :D

Saturday, November 7, 2009

the day before #

Well... its the day before my birthday. yea.. another year gone by.. but on a lighter note, i had the most kick ass birthday ever!

* Check out this shot!*

Christopher (the best hubby in the world) got me an awsome new camera. a Nikon D40. A tripod and camera remote to go with it! Im totally stoked :D

So on top of all the cool early birthday gifts, we went shopping today and picked up some plain white onesies for cookie and i had my first tie dye today! I think they came out pretty great ;)

So here they are!

The big one is obviously Christophers. I doubt cookie would fit in that one *hehe* and the 3 small ones are hers. i love the heart one in the middle. i think its my favorite!

Here is the second shirt i did for Christopher. I think this one came out best. Looks like its store bought (well to me anyways) so imagine my suprise when it came out looking so good when it was the messiest one i made. Had quite some trouble doing this one. Dye everywhere.

All in all, it was a great day! Tomorrow im off to my moms for a home made meal and cake with the family. Life is grand!

Friday, November 6, 2009

ear bling

well cookie took a trip to the pedi today for some ear piercing! we got some super cute pink flowers in medical grade plastic. the doctor said that using plastic helps reduce the chances of developing a metal allergy later in life!

She cryed when she got them but the second you pick her up, she is just the happiest girl in the world. She turns her head to the side now when the camera is on just so you can get a nice shot of her ear bling. We have to clean them with hydrogen peroxide 2 times a day (morning and night) which work out perfectly with her lung treatments. So while shes getting her lungs done and taking her naps, i can get her ears clean without her even noticing!

She also got her swine vax today. She cryed with that one as well. poor little girl is just getting holes poked in her left and right. So far shes doing well! no bad reaction to either so far.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

magnanimous +

If anyone fits the word, its Charlotte Poe! She is the woman behind the bucks. The $4300 that will be going to the CF fund.

Charlotte has the kind of bashes that everyone wants to attend! This year she hosted her annual Halloween party and asked that people donate to the CF fund. She made a donation box with pictures of my little girl lining the outside. She raised over $4000 that night, all going to research for Cystic Fibrosis.

I cant thank her enough! If cookie could talk im sure she would be at a loss for words as well :D

Your the woman of the year here on 1TC.

Please everyone, join me, in giving thanks to Charlotte and all her friends and family that donated to the CF fund!

Cookie is very blessed to have the very best. Thank you Charlotte for everything! your an amazing woman

{ i want to see thank you comments on this post! From everyone of you, so hop to it! }

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Strides%

sorry all this info is coming through so late.. it happens when you start a blog 7 months after your baby is born ;)

so we had a great strides CF walk on October 17th, 2009 on the beach of beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca.

well if you cant tell from the photo, it was a gorgeous day. Cool temps and clear skies.

We arrived at around 9am. got signed in and got the team Gwendolynn base camp set up. we had the best team turn out there! i believe it was around 20 people!

i must say, we were the best dressed team there. THANK YOU CHARLOTTE! she was the woman behind the look! We looked fabulous! Although i may be biased! lol. Photobucket
So the time draws near. The time to walk is here! Cookie and i hold down the fort at base camp while the teams makes off on their journey. I decided to stay behind mostly because of cookies schedule. we needed to feed a bottle at 9am and then solid foods at 10am then a morning nap at 11am. So we stayed behind and has some food, some nap & somr play time.

Photobucket She just lights up my world! She has touched so many people. All our friends and family that made the dedication to walk for her and all the other CF babies, kids, teens & adults. We raised over $2000 for CF research!

Photobucket Thank you every one on Team Gwendolynn that made it out to walk and everyone that donated to help find a cure! You are truely amazing people.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

when you have too much down time during nap time

you end up playing around in paint... LOL
oh well. i think it came out cute :D
she truely is a tough cookie.

Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

a couple days late but whatever i was busy! lol... we had a great time! little photo shoot and some trick or treating! cookie got loads of candy (not like she could eat it) and everyone loved her costume.

so here is a little peek of her photo shoot! its my fav pic ;)

if you couldnt guess.. she was a flower fairy! shes such a doll. she got this costume from her aunty jenn! who she misses very much :D

so... then we let her decorate her pumpkin for halloween. no worries, she didnt carve, we gave her some festive paint colors and she did all the rest. she loved it. had a great time

so then we got down to business. the night came! trick or treating!

she really did enjoy herself. she got to go around grandmas neighborhood and show off her pretty smile. we decided that we wanted to do a family theme.. too bad this idea came after she had her costume. i just couldnt think of a theme that involved a fairy and a man that didnt wear a fairy costume LOL so we went with "mythical creatures" theme. christopher was a vampire, i was medusa.