Saturday, November 7, 2009

the day before #

Well... its the day before my birthday. yea.. another year gone by.. but on a lighter note, i had the most kick ass birthday ever!

* Check out this shot!*

Christopher (the best hubby in the world) got me an awsome new camera. a Nikon D40. A tripod and camera remote to go with it! Im totally stoked :D

So on top of all the cool early birthday gifts, we went shopping today and picked up some plain white onesies for cookie and i had my first tie dye today! I think they came out pretty great ;)

So here they are!

The big one is obviously Christophers. I doubt cookie would fit in that one *hehe* and the 3 small ones are hers. i love the heart one in the middle. i think its my favorite!

Here is the second shirt i did for Christopher. I think this one came out best. Looks like its store bought (well to me anyways) so imagine my suprise when it came out looking so good when it was the messiest one i made. Had quite some trouble doing this one. Dye everywhere.

All in all, it was a great day! Tomorrow im off to my moms for a home made meal and cake with the family. Life is grand!


  1. Happy (almost) birthday!!! I know you'll get lots of great pics with your new already have such a natural talent!

    I'm totally loving the tie die! I'll be watching for a 'how-to' post! ;)


  2. aww thank you :D i will be posting tons of new pics! lol this camera rocks!

    also i can post a how to if youd like. i was expecting it to be harder than everyone said but it truely is easy and fun!