Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Great Strides%

sorry all this info is coming through so late.. it happens when you start a blog 7 months after your baby is born ;)

so we had a great strides CF walk on October 17th, 2009 on the beach of beautiful Santa Barbara, Ca.

well if you cant tell from the photo, it was a gorgeous day. Cool temps and clear skies.

We arrived at around 9am. got signed in and got the team Gwendolynn base camp set up. we had the best team turn out there! i believe it was around 20 people!

i must say, we were the best dressed team there. THANK YOU CHARLOTTE! she was the woman behind the look! We looked fabulous! Although i may be biased! lol. Photobucket
So the time draws near. The time to walk is here! Cookie and i hold down the fort at base camp while the teams makes off on their journey. I decided to stay behind mostly because of cookies schedule. we needed to feed a bottle at 9am and then solid foods at 10am then a morning nap at 11am. So we stayed behind and has some food, some nap & somr play time.

Photobucket She just lights up my world! She has touched so many people. All our friends and family that made the dedication to walk for her and all the other CF babies, kids, teens & adults. We raised over $2000 for CF research!

Photobucket Thank you every one on Team Gwendolynn that made it out to walk and everyone that donated to help find a cure! You are truely amazing people.

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