Friday, June 25, 2010

lil' swimmer

Today has been up & down. Driving to my aunts this morning (where im baby/house sitting until monday) almost every song that came on the radio made me cry as i sang it.. every song that made me think of connor and his parents.
it was a rough morning. I cant begin to imagine what the Jones' are going through.

Once we got to the house, unpacked, got lunch and a nap.. we went for a dip in the pool. Im having a hard time trying to figure out how to teach cookie to swim without using a public pool.. seeing as we dont have one of our own, im trying to teach her every chance i get. She has started trying to go underwater on her own now.. its a bit scary.
All i know is that i will be hugging cookie extra tight tonight. a cuddle & a kiss. well be praying for the jones'

+ Connor +

Late last night, a little boy named Connor Reed Jones, lost his battle to CF. 7 years old. I can tell you as a mother that... its not nearly long enough. How is it that a 7 year old is ready to pass on? We need to cure this disease and it needs to be done NOW.

Connor will live on through us and our memories. Love and prayers to his family.

Breathe easy Connor man, breathe easy

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

+ Play date day *

We had a play date/family meet up today! Memorial day in the back yard, the grill cooking burgers and hot dogs, drinks all around, babies playing on the groung.. it was a blissful day!
Laura and family came down from Colorado for a socal vacation! They stopped by for the day to spend some time with us. We got the BBQ fired up and played some ping pong in the front yard. Naturaly we both took a thousand pictures LOL. We are so happy the could stop by for some time with us! Thank you guys for the beautiful day!! xoxo