Friday, November 6, 2009

ear bling

well cookie took a trip to the pedi today for some ear piercing! we got some super cute pink flowers in medical grade plastic. the doctor said that using plastic helps reduce the chances of developing a metal allergy later in life!

She cryed when she got them but the second you pick her up, she is just the happiest girl in the world. She turns her head to the side now when the camera is on just so you can get a nice shot of her ear bling. We have to clean them with hydrogen peroxide 2 times a day (morning and night) which work out perfectly with her lung treatments. So while shes getting her lungs done and taking her naps, i can get her ears clean without her even noticing!

She also got her swine vax today. She cryed with that one as well. poor little girl is just getting holes poked in her left and right. So far shes doing well! no bad reaction to either so far.

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