Monday, November 2, 2009

happy halloween!

a couple days late but whatever i was busy! lol... we had a great time! little photo shoot and some trick or treating! cookie got loads of candy (not like she could eat it) and everyone loved her costume.

so here is a little peek of her photo shoot! its my fav pic ;)

if you couldnt guess.. she was a flower fairy! shes such a doll. she got this costume from her aunty jenn! who she misses very much :D

so... then we let her decorate her pumpkin for halloween. no worries, she didnt carve, we gave her some festive paint colors and she did all the rest. she loved it. had a great time

so then we got down to business. the night came! trick or treating!

she really did enjoy herself. she got to go around grandmas neighborhood and show off her pretty smile. we decided that we wanted to do a family theme.. too bad this idea came after she had her costume. i just couldnt think of a theme that involved a fairy and a man that didnt wear a fairy costume LOL so we went with "mythical creatures" theme. christopher was a vampire, i was medusa.

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