Friday, October 9, 2009

not really sure what im doing..

I’ve been thinking about setting up a blog for cookie so that everyone can follow her amazing life. She’s an amazing little girl that takes your breath away.. ironically that is just the reason why we’re here. my daughter, Gwendolynn may, has cystic fibrosis. she inherited a gene from both my husband and myself that caused her to be born with this disease, which has yet to be cured. every day is a struggle. every day is also a blessing. every day we get to spend with her is a day that I cherish.

the average age of a CF'r is climbing but still not high enough. in the 80's doctors were telling parents not to expect their child to make it to teen years. now they are projecting that the average age today is 42. that’s a huge step up in just 2 decades.

still, 42 is not nearly enough for a mother and farther to see their first born child off. we are of course praying for a cure.

I guess I will try and keep medical updates and everything here as we go along.

thanks for working with me as i figure all this "bloggy" stuff out :D

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