Thursday, December 10, 2009

12.10.09 CHLA

So we had out CHLA (childrens hospital of Los Angeles) apt today.

It was our best apt yet! Cookie has been such a trooper and doing so well day to day with all her meds and feedings. As soon as she seems the dropper with her meds she opens her mouth for them and takes every drop. Shes been eating like such a champ too!

CHLA told us today that this is the best they have ever seen her.... which coming from them is mind blowing! Even at her best times we got the "yea.. shes alright" kind of responce. Today they cheered for her and praised us. It was very nice to hear!

She is 17.4lbs (in the 25th%) for weight. She was 17.3lbs at her pediatric apt on november 24th.. but we are used to that by now. CHLA has super stingy scales. They are still impressed by her weight gain which is a first. Just a couple apts ago they threatened us with a feeding tube.

So her weight is great. Her lungs sound perfect and she got 100% saturation on her o2 levels!

All is well in cookie-ville. For today anyway

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