Monday, August 23, 2010

2 days time +

in just two days time we should have our brand new trampoline!

thanks to every single one of you that voted for us and helped cookie win. This is going to bring her years of fun and safe exercise! Anything we can do to add years to her life is the best gift.

We are putting together ideas for a backyard over haul for cookie and other future children. we have an all cement back yard and no place to play and have safe fun. So christopher and i ripped up the fountain this past weekend and made some mental plans on where to put some grass and get the place ready for some fun!

baby pools and slip n slides here we come!

so for now we got the fountain down and out and the trampoline will go on top of that spot.. and once we get that thrown out we can start to rip up all the cement and planters we are removing. add some grass (and my hopes of a water fall/pond) then we are done! wish us some major luck!


  1. Very exciting! We just planted grass in our backyard too and I was shocked how fast it came up! I was expecting it to take a long time but it's already fuzzy green :) I can't wait to see the trampoline pics!

  2. awww! we cant decide on seeding or just rolling out sod.. seed would save us money :/ what made you pick seed over sod?

  3. Yay! I can't wait to see pics of the trampoline and maybe some vids of cookie jumping on it, too! Good luck with the overhaul, we have a hideous stream/pond on the side of our house that was installed by the previous homeowner... it sounds nice, but the thing is a nightmare I tell you! I would love to clean it all out, fill it with dirt and plant some grass.